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These days after many years in this business I am just trying to help or give advice it 8767 s not meant to offend just to think and I am wrong sometimes lol

11 Incredibly Muscular Female Competitive Bodybuilders

Kendy stands at the crossroads of two Vietnamese communities – LGBTQ people and bodybuilders – in a patriarchal and conservative society where obedience is often expected of women above anything else, and homosexuality is discouraged.

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I am looking at doing a new shoot in October due to touring and being just me I can 8767 t drive 8 hours the day before a shoot this month, so I will arrange something for here when I get home , my friend has a model in mind so i 8767 ll keep you all posted.

FBB (Female Bodybuilder) Sex

All models were 68 years of age or older at the time of depiction. has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

Kendy claims the title of Vietnam’s first openly trans man bodybuilder. He’s 5’7”, all muscle, and could pass for a teen idol, despite trading his spiky hair for a crew cut a fortnight ago.

Height: 5’8”
Competition Weight: 685 lb
Off-Season Weight: 695 lb
Miscellaneous Stat: her nickname is “The Gift” (which is just the English translation of her last name)

At the age of fifteen, he took up karate, but his training came to an abrupt halt three years later when he fractured his arm during a competition.

“It’ll never happen,” Aaron Cook, an amateur powerlifter and close friend, said to me when I shared this idea with him. “Though, man, I’d love for it to happen, because honestly, I think when everyone is on steroids, it gets us back to genetics, only this time it’s whose genetics tolerate steroids the best, whose body reacts the best to steroids. I’ve been using for years, and while I’ve gotten results, I look like garbage. Yet Phil Heath looks amazing. I want to know what he takes, what he uses. That’s my dream, to watch experts talk about that on TV. But I don’t know that many other folks share that dream.”

The IFBB now offers extraordinarily traditional content in terms of gender roles, even as sports like CrossFit and mixed martial arts have profited from defying them. Once upon a time, the bulked-up figures of Cory Everson and Bev Francis loomed over women’s bodybuilding and the sport seemed to have a bright future. But even as the convention floor at the Olympia was now full of female fitness fanatics, female CrossFitters, female powerlifters, and female physique celebrities, the competition stage was all about the male mass.

I have a lot to say, I want to write a book one day called super size she THE TRUTH , I would like to save any gals from what has become of me and to learn from don 8767 t regret anything as i would not have a story to tell and people to save, but for now I need my fans to save me, I ask you to support me love me give me wings, to fuck those assholes and lift me up GOT IT?? LMAO.

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